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Singapore Passport Status Check 2024

Singapore Passport Status Check, A Singapore passport is a travel document issued by the Republic of Singapore. It enables citizens and nationals to enter and exit Singapore freely. Singaporean passports are only issued by the ICA. Current Singaporean passports are biometrics compliant, and special machine-readable passports are issued with 96 pages.

Singapore Passport Status Check

It is easy to complete the application form online and then track the status of your application using your SingPass account. You can also use the check and send service with the post office to do your application through the mail. In this case, you will receive a tracking number. Processing times vary depending on the process that you choose to follow. The passport application fee can usually also be paid online and the passport fee (if there is an additional fee) is payable upon collection.

Singapore Passport Status Check

Passport Information Page

The information page of your passport will include the following:

  • The photo of the passport holder is displayed in the top left corner.
  • The type of passport, for example, PA biometric.
  • The code of issuing state, such as SGP
  • Passport number
  • Name(s) of the holder
  • Gender of holder
  • Nationality
  • Place and Date of Birth
  • Issue Date and Expiry Date
  • Modification
  • Authority
  • National Identity Number

At the end of the information page, there is a Machine Readable Zone.

Checking Passport Application Status Online

The fastest and most convenient way to check your application status is to do it online if you have applied online. The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) lists direct links to status checks for a number of applications, including your new passport.

You can track the status of your online application through your SingPass account directly, or you can follow the link on the ICA website. If you track your application online, you will need the following information at the ready: IC or citizenship number and date of issue, or a tracking number and your birth certificate, IC number, or citizenship certificate number.

If a passport is reported lost or stolen, it will no longer be suitable for use. So if you find the passport again later, you will have to surrender it and obtain a replacement anyway. Furthermore, when you renew a passport through the normal process, you must surrender the old one when you collect the new passport.

Any agencies you might have hired to assist with the application process will also be able to track the status of your application. They will most likely have assisted you with the passport application form and the preparation of supporting documents.

Passport Renewal: ICA Passport Status

You should renew your Singapore Passport at least six months before it expires or when there is no more space for visas. From 2006 Singapore issues only 64-page passports. When you apply for your passport online make sure to check whether the passport validity period is listed, and if there is a choice related to this period.

For first-time applicants, the passport is usually valid for ten years, and any validity that remains on your passport upon renewal will carry over onto the new passport. This carry-over period is capped at nine months.

Singapore does not legally mandate whether its citizens must renew expired passports or not. It depends on the person and their individual needs. However, if a person does not have a valid passport and they need to travel suddenly, they can expect delays in the process as they will still have to go through the complete process.

If you are in another country or plan to visit another country, then you will need a passport to access visas and travel privileges. Remember that obtaining a passport can be a lengthy process, so if you have one already, it might be best to keep your details up to date and renew the passport if it is about the expire. It will make it easier to travel at short notice should the need ever arise.

Required Documents for Adult Applicants

In addition to bringing your completed passport application and the additional information form, you also need to bring the following:

  • Your identity card
  • Singapore citizenship certificate (if you have one)
  • Current Singapore passport
  • A colour passport-sized photo not older than three months

The photo must further meet the following criteria. Please note that this is extremely specific:

  • The photo must be less than three months old.
  • There must be no border on the photo.
  • It must be a portrait orientation that measures 35mm by 25mm.
  • The applicant must be looking directly at the lens, full front view.
  • The entire face must be clearly visible.
  • The top of the shoulders must be visible.
  • The head must not be tilted.
  • Your face in the picture must measure between 25mm and 35mm from the top of your head to your chin.
  • You may not wear any head or face covering except if you usually wear it all the time for religious reasons (it should never be white)
  • If you wear glasses daily, you should keep them on; just make sure there is no flash reflection.
  • The picture must have even lighting.
  • The background must be white; if the hair is white, the background should be light grey.
  • Nothing other than you should be visible.
  • The photo must be printed on high-quality paper and must be matt.

If your photograph does not meet these requirements, there will be a delay in your passport application.

Processing Times

If you apply at the consulate, the processing time is usually four to six weeks, and in peak times, you can expect to wait at least six weeks. If you apply online, it might be a little faster. You will always be able to check the status of your application regardless of whether you applied online or not.

If someone is completing the application on your behalf, then they should bring the following documents with them:

  • The documents listed above
  • An authorisation letter written and signed by yourself (this letter includes the request to assist this person on your behalf and permits them to perform this service for you where they might have access to your personal information)
  • Their own NRIC so that they can identify themselves
  • The processing fee of SGD 80

You can also submit your application via courier. All the above-mentioned documents must be included, and you will need to pay the courier for their services. There is also the option to make use of mail services, but this prolongs the process a little bit, and it will be some time before you can check the status of your request online. If you make use of the mail services, it is important to be patient and make sure that all of your details are completed correctly. Any mistakes made when you fill in the form or take the picture can cause delays.

You will be able to collect your passport from a post office at no additional charge, and no fee is charged for late renewals. The renewal of a passport is dependent on the individual’s needs and is not dictated by the government. However, if you do want a renewed passport you should surrender your previous passport upon collection, even if there is some remaining validity on it. Only the current passport can be used.

Possible Reasons for delay in getting Singapore passports issued:

Sometimes the ICA receive overwhelming passport applications in a short period of time, for example, close to holidays. This can sometimes lead to delays in processing these applications.

If you are using a courier service for your passport, then there could be delays if the courier service is busy. Online application processing time tends to be slightly shorter because it does not require involvement from a third party.

If there are mistakes in the online application form then there can be delays while the Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA) tries to get additional information, or while they try to contact you to have it fixed. It might also result in an application being turned down.

Furthermore, which you may have attached all the necessary documents; there might be a discrepancy or something in those papers that would lead to a need for further information. But this type of situation is rare.

If the passport fee is not paid the it is also likely that they will not begin processing the application until that fee is paid. This is the same in more other countries as well and can impact the processing time if people expect that the processing time starts when the form is complete, instead of when the fee is paid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel outside of Singapore if I do not have a valid passport?

You will not be able to travel immediately. Your passport is the document that allows you to enter and leave Singapore quickly and without hassle; if you do not have a valid passport, then you cannot leave on short notice. You will have to complete an application and wait for it to be approved and for the government to issue it to you before you can leave the country.

What if I receive my passport and there are mistakes on it?

Any mistakes on this document must be corrected. Especially if it is something like your date of birth or the spelling of your name. It is essential to ensure that all of the details completed on the application form are correct before it is handed over to the courier, post office, or submitted online. If your address changes, you will need to inform the government in writing and keep track of the date modified to ensure the change reflects on your SingPass account and the ICA is aware of it.

Remember that if you visit a government department in Singapore, it is essential to make appointments for your visits.

I am overseas but do not want to apply online; how can I renew my passport?

If you are overseas and not willing to attempt the process online, you can use your local Singapore overseas mission. You will be able to apply this way and check your application status through this service. Always make sure that the information you are filling in on your form is accurate before it is mailed.

Where can I get an application form to fill in before I visit the ICA?

You can download a form from the ICA site. When you are done filling it in, make sure that the information is accurate so that your application can be created without mistakes. That way, you will receive a passport that will display all of your correct information. Check your application status regularly so that you know when to collect your passport. If you make use of the registered mailing service, you will receive a receipt with a tracking number so that you can check your application status. You may need to allow an extra week if you send the application via the post office.

Can my passport be delivered?

If you have an address connected to your name, then you can request for your passport to be delivered to that address.

Can someone check my application status on my behalf?

Yes, they will need to provide your date of birth and full name as well as your reference number, but they can check your application status on the ICA site.

The waiting period has passed, and I still have not received my passport.

It is important to wait the maximum amount of time before you contact the department with inquiries about your application status directly. If the waiting period is not finished yet, you should continue to check online. Do not submit another application in the meantime.

If the waiting period is over and you have not received your passport yet, you should contact the ICA to follow up. Check your status online at the ICA web address before calling, just in case the delay is indicated there already. If not, feel free to contact the ICA and follow up.

There are several reasons why your application might be delayed, and it might be related to an additional document that you need to send in or that a mistake was made when you initially applied. Usually, such things will be indicated on the site where you track your application, but if not, it might be best to speak to someone on the phone.

If there are papers missing or mistakes on your form, you can send the corrected or missing documents through as soon as possible with comments indicating the corrections. Such mistakes can delay your application by several days or even weeks if you do not send the corrected documents timeously.

Who do I contact about my passport application if I have questions?

If you require assistance, you can contact SPIC if you have not already applied. We can assist you with your application and can help you track the status of your application.

If you did not use an agency when you applied, you would need to contact the ICA directly. Their contact details are available on their website. Remember that your application can take a number of weeks, and contacting them to check your status can actually delay the process. Collection can only be done via appointment. Refer to the ICA web page to make an appointment.

Although there are external links on the ICA website, this does not constitute an endorsement from the ICA as these links are placed there for convenience only.

Who can apply for a Singaporean passport?

Generally speaking, Singapore citizens need to have Singapore passports. At this point, only Singapore citizens can apply to the Government of Singapore for a local passport. Applicants can also do their applications through the Overseas Mission, and can submit their old passports there upon collection of their new current passport.

Any collection needs to be by appointment only. It is best to refer to online platforms to make such an appointment.

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