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How can you apply for Permanent Residence | Work Permit Apply Singapore Permanent Residence (PR)

How can you apply for Permanent Residence | Work Permit Apply Singapore Permanent Residence (PR), It is becoming exceedingly difficult to get an approval for an application for Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident status. This article will briefly explore how permanent residency is applied for, but specific attention will be paid to the role that a work permit plays in this application process.

How can you apply for Permanent Residence | Work Permit Apply Singapore Permanent Residence (PR)

Overview of Eligibility Criteria

We will take a quick look at some of the criteria for each Singapore permanent resident application scheme. Each scheme will have its own special criteria for a person to be granted Singapore (PR) permanent resident status.

Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme

  • The Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme is reserved for those who are outstanding international arts professionals who can boast of significant contributions of great cultural significance to Singapore’s arts world in terms of literary arts, visual arts, performing arts, and other arts-related areas.
  • In order to apply for Singapore PR with Singapore’s Arts scheme you will need to have made significant contributions in the above-mentioned areas.

Singapore Foreign Investor Using the Global Investor Programme

  • GIP applications go through the Singapore Economic Development Board and not the ICA.
  • A business entity that is engaged in the approved industries will need to provide Audited Financial Statements
  • At least 2.5 million SGD must be invested in a new business entity or an existing one for the purpose of expansion
  • Concrete future plans for business growth and development must also be met.
  • This scheme is better suited to those with a personalized employment pass.
  • A good business track record is also required in the approved industries.

Foreign Students Studying in Singapore (S Pass Student)

  • Foreign students who are studying at a local Singapore institute.
  • Students who have scholarships or government bonds
  • The foreign student pass student studying in Singapore must have passed at least one national exam before they can be considered for the foreign student scheme.

PTS Scheme – Work Permit For Personnel and Skilled Workers

  • Some of your eligibility for PR applications will depend on your salary.
  • If you have an Employment Pass and want to apply through the PTS scheme or Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme, it is best to have several years of work experience under your belt.
  • It is essential for someone with an Employment Pass to be on good terms with their employer, and your employer is often involved in your application for permanent residence.
  • Remember that an Employment Pass holders are technically work permit holders, but an EP is at a higher level.
  • The PTS scheme or Professional Technical Personnel and Skilled Worker Scheme is appropriate for an S Pass holder or an EP holder.
  • When you apply for PR through the PTS scheme or Professional Technical personnel and Skilled Workers scheme, then six months of your tax supporting documents and payslips are required for your application.

Immediate family members

  • Someone with close family ties to a Singapore citizen, for example, a PR aged parent or Singapore citizens.
  • Singapore permanent residents with income high enough to allow for sponsorship can also obtain long term visit passes for their direct family members, including a spouse and unmarried children who were born in a legal marriage or legally adopted.

Spouse and unmarried children of a citizen or Singapore PR

  • The unmarried child aged under 21 may alternatively have been legally adopted by a Singapore permanent resident or Singapore citizen
  • The unmarried child aged under 21 must be born within a legal marriage.

A foreign spouse of a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident (providing the marriage exceeds two years)

How can you apply for Permanent Residence?

Generally, there are two ways that a person can apply for Singapore PR or to become a Singapore citizen.

Assistance from a Singapore Immigration Agency

SPIC specialises both in applications to become a Singapore citizen and Singapore permanent resident. We usually start by assessing whether you are eligible to apply for Singapore permanent residency, and if not, we provide guidance on how to become eligible to apply to become a Singapore permanent resident.

A Singapore PR application can be time-consuming and expensive, so it is essential that when you decide to apply that you stand the best possible chance of obtaining PR status.

There are intricacies to a Singapore permanent residence application that are difficult to navigate and understand, and a Singapore PR application can be rejected for the smallest reasons.

PR Application Form Online

These days, PR application forms are completed online. There are forms on the Singapore Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website for prospective Singapore permanent residents and those who want to apply for Singapore citizenship.

It is important not to underestimate the importance of completing the PR application online with extreme care. Mistakes or failure to attach all the required documents often results in rejection of PR applications.

It can be difficult to apply for PR on your own, so we strongly advise enlisting the help of a Singapore Immigration agency like SPIC for assistance with all the PR formalities and to help compile your required documents in the correct order and format.

We can also assess your eligibility criteria before you apply and can help you if you are not eligible to apply yet.

Successful Application for Singapore Permanent Residence

Before the process is final for you to become a Singapore permanent resident, there will be additional steps stipulated in your IPA letter. If those are fulfilled within the given time periods, then you can become a Singapore permanent resident; however, you can only apply to become a Singapore citizen after two years as a permanent resident.

Furthermore, a Singapore permanent resident will still require a re-entry permit in order to travel in and out of Singapore freely as a Singapore permanent resident. The re-entry permit that is issued to a Singapore permanent resident is valid for a five year period and can later be renewed.

Processing Time for Singapore PR?

Usually, it takes between four and six months for Singapore to release PR application results if the supporting documents are all in order. If there are problems with the supporting documents, then a Singapore PR application can sometimes take longer.

A student with an S Pass who is applying to become a permanent resident can use their foreign Identification Number to apply to become a citizen or Singapore permanent resident online and to track their status. This will also apply to any other individual who has a SingPass account.

In Conclusion

Before making a decision to apply for permanent residence for your entire family, remember that male PRs and citizens under the age of 18 are required to complete mandatory military service. Once active National service has passed, they are further expected to serve Operationally Ready National Service.

Failure to meet the military service requirement or renouncing citizenship or Singapore permanent residence before NS is complete will have a negative impact on all immediate or future applications for yourself and your family members who might want to become Singapore permanent residents.

Losing one’s PR status can be devastating at the best of times, so it is strongly advised to seek the assistance of a professional Singapore immigration service agency like SPIC to ensure the best possible chance of being granted PR status.

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