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UAccess – Helpful Guide to Access University of Arizona Portal

UAccess – Helpful Guide to Access University of Arizona Portal. UAccess is a password-protected service that allows University of Arizona students to access personal and academic information and transact university business online. A UA NetID and password are required for login.

The University of Arizona is a public land-grant research university in Tucson, Arizona. Founded in 1885 by the 13th Arizona Territorial Legislature, it was the first university in the Arizona Territory. The university is part of the Association of American Universities and the Universities Research Association

UAccess – Helpful Guide to Access University of Arizona Portal

UAccess enables students to view and change their academic and personal information.

How to log into UAccess

  1. Navigate to uaccess.arizona.edu.
  2. Click on Student Center under the Student tab.
  3. Enter your NetID.
  4. Then enter your password.
  5. Click Log In to access your account.

How to unlock your UAccess account

  1. Navigate to uaccess.arizona.edu.
  2. Select the appropriate portal
  3. Click the NavBar
  4. Click on People Tools
  5. Click on Security
  6. Click on UA User Profiles
  7. Enter the user NetID in the “Search by:” field
  8. If the account is locked, uncheck the box next to “Account Locked Out” and click Save.
  9. You have been permitted to unlock the account.
  10. Do not: Check or uncheck the Change Password box.
  11. Do not: Check or uncheck the Password Expired box.
  12. Why? Because these fields are not labeled correctly, and these fields are written into automated scripts. You do not have permission, training, or any reason ever to alter the Change Password or Expired Password fields.

*TIP* Add the UA User Profiles page to your Homepage to make getting there more accessible. Just click on the Actions List in the upper right-hand corner and select “Add to Homepage.”

How to set up a UAccess guess account

You are encouraged to set up a Guest Center account for parents or others in your life who may want or need access to information in your Student Center account. Setting up a Guest Center account avoids you having to give anyone else your UA NetID password. Because sharing your password presents a security risk, doing so is against university policy.

To set up a Guest Center account:

  1. Go to http://uaccess.arizona.edu, click on Student Center in the Students column, and log in with your UA NetID and password.
  2. Go to the UA Guest Center box in the right column (toward the bottom), and click on Guest Manager.
  3. To create a new Guest account, click the Add New Guest button. You will also come back here later and edit existing Guest accounts.
  4. Enter information for your Guest: create a username for them to use to log in and enter their email address and name.
  5. Click Active to make their account functional once it is created.
  6. In the Guest Access Control section, choose what information you want this Guest to have access to:
    • Academic Info (View Class Schedule, Grades, Transfer Credits, Program Tree)
    • Personal Info (View All Addresses, Emergency Contacts)
    • Financial Info (View To-Do List, Award Summary including Award Letter, Make Payment, and Parent Plus Loan).
  1. Click the Save button.
  2. Click the OK button to activate the account on the Confirm Activation page. (Click the Cancel button if you are not ready to activate this Guest, and the information from the previous page will be saved for you to come back and activate later).

Once the account is activated, an email will be sent to your Guest with the username and password. Your Guest can go to uaccess.arizona.edu, click on Guest Center in the Students column, and log in with the username and password provided. They will be able to see and do only what you have permitted in Guest Access Control.

How to unlock a UAccess student guest center account

The process for unlocking a Guest Center account is the same as unlocking a Student Center account; however, locating the Guest Center User ID requires searching for the student or parent’s name. See below for step-by-step instructions.

  1. Go to uaccess.arizona.edu and select the Administrative Staff portal.
  2. From the UA User Profiles Page, click on “Advanced Search.”
  3. Change the “Description” drop-down to “contains” and enter the student’s last name; if the parent’s last name is different than the student’s, search for the parent’s last name.
  4. Look for the Guest Center user (in most cases, the student’s parent). The Guest Center ID Is a long string of alphanumeric characters preceded by a “G-. “
  5. Copy the Guest Center ID, return to the UA User Profiles and paste the Guest Center ID into the search field.
  6. This will bring up the account profile where you can uncheck the box next to “Account Locked Out?
  7. Click Save.


Your UA NetID is your personal identifier for several online services at the University of Arizona. Some of the services requiring a NetID include:

  • Email and UITS computing accounts (CatMail, UAConnect, HPC)
  • UAccess applications (Student, Employee, Analytics, etc.)
  • D2L – a web-based course management system used in 700+ courses on campus
  • New Employee Resources and Benefits Enrollment
  • University site-licensed software
  • OSCR computer labs

Why is the UA NetID necessary?

The UA NetID verifies your identity when used for the University of Arizona’s online services. It helps ensure the privacy of personal information and restricts the use of resources to those for whom they are intended.

If you are a student who needs to share information in your UAccess Student account with someone else, establish a Guest Center account for those you want to share your information with and keep your NetID password private.

How to create your UA NetID

Creating a UA NetID requires an EMPLID, an 8-digit number provided via email. If the EMPLID is unknown, the user must contact HR (for staff and faculty) or the Registrar (for students). Because the EMPLID is a secure identifier, the 24/7 IT Support Center will not provide an EMPLID to a user.

Creating a NetID also requires a date of birth and a PIN. For students, the PIN is on the letter of acceptance.

  • Select “Create UA NetID”
  • Follow the instructions to create your UA NetID.