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ZIMSEC Examination Fees | ZIMSEC Announces Exam fees

ZIMSEC Examination Fees | ZIMSEC Announces Exam fees. The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) has announced June exams registration fees for both public and private schools.

The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council is committed to being the centre for excellence with-in the Sub-Region and beyond in Quality Assessment in Education. Our commitment extends the parameters of the organisation to reach every stakeholder in professionalism and innovation. After a Cabinet decision in 2015, ZIMSEC came up with a facility which is meant to assist the parents, guardians and sponsors of prospective candidates to pay the national examination fees over an extended period of time. Taking into consideration the financial plight of many candidates, this facility seeks to afford every candidate an opportunity to sit for examinations.

ZIMSEC Examination Fees | ZIMSEC Announces Exam fees

Examination fees gazetted last year will apply this year.

For public schools, O-Level and A-Level registration fees have been pegged at US$11 and US$22 per subject respectively.

For example, an O-Level candidate writing a minimum of five subjects will pay US$55, while three A-Level subjects will cost US$66.

While private schools and colleges, including private candidates in public schools, will pay US$24 for O-Level and US$48 for A-Level.

“Payment of June registration fees in local currency will be done between the 8th and the 15th of March 2023 at the interbank rate prevailing as of March 8,” said ZIMSEC in a statement.

The exam body said it will announce the prevailing rate on March 8.

It also urged candidates to ensure they communicate with their examination centres.

Fee Structures

Did you know? Examination fees for Grade Seven(7) ,Ordinary Level and Advanced Level are now be payable in instalments over a period of two years starting from Grade six(6) , Form three(3) and Lower Sixth(L6th) respectively . The Scheme works as follows;

Grade Seven Examinations

Candidates start paying for the Grade 7 Examinations in Grade 6.The payment of examination fees should be done at the school/ examinations centre at the rate of one dollar ($1) per term, making a total of six dollars ($6) by term 3 of Grade seven.

Ordinary Level Examinations

Ordinary Level candidates are able to start paying for the ZIMSEC Ordinary Level examinations at the beginning of Form three.

Advanced Level Examinations

Advanced Level candidates are able to start paying for the ZIMSEC Advanced Level examinations at the beginning of Form five (Lower six).

These fees, for both Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations, are strictly payable at the examination centres. Deadlines and stipulated examination fees remain unchanged as per ZIMSEC circulars distributed to all centre heads at the beginning of every examination registration exercise. Please contact the centres for further details.

Education is a basic human right, let us work together to ensure that we safeguard this fundamental right

“Candidates, please ensure you communicate with your centre for the closing dates. Dates on the ZIMSEC finance circular apply to schools,” said ZIMSEC.

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