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NBAA Examination Regulations

NBAA Examination Regulations. The rules of conduct for students in review sessions and discussions of exams and modular exams, insofar as these are not laid down in the Student Charter and the Education and Examination Regulations or related regulations.1 Code of Conduct for students during exams. The facilities provided by HAN for students with respect to exams and modular exams are laid down in the Student Charter and Education and Examination Regulations or related regulations.

NBAA Examination Regulations

1.Candidates shall be admitted into the examination hall at least 20 minutes before the commencement of an examination paper, and are not permitted to leave the hall until thirty minutes have been completed. Further, candidates will not be allowed to leave the examination room thirty minutes before the examination ends. No candidate shall be allowed to enter the examination hall more than half an hour after the commencement of any examination paper. A candidate who arrives within half an hour of the commencement of the examination, shall be allowed to enter the hall, but no additional time shall be given to compensate the lost time.

2.Ten (10) minutes reading time will be given to examination candidates to allow them read the question paper thoroughly before attempting the examination.

3.The Chief Invigilator will make all relevant announcements to the candidates before the examination commences.

4.The sealed envelopes containing the examinations of that particular session will be opened in the presence of the candidates.

5.Any candidate having for some reason to leave the examination hall temporarily, may do so, only with the permission of the CHIEF/PRINCIPAL INVIGILATOR and will be accompanied by an ASSISTANT INVIGILATOR.

6.Each candidate shall be required to sit at the desk which bears his/her index number.

7.The Board shall not entertain any excuses from a candidate who fails to produce the examination identity card which allows one to enter the examination hall.

8.No candidate will be admitted into the examination hall, unless he/she carries with him/her both the Examination Identity Card provided and the Examination Admission Letter.

9.Candidates are prohibited from carrying into the examination hallor in any way having in their possession within the hall, any books or stationery other than those specifically permitted by the Board. Bags/Handbags etc. should be kept at a place identified by the invigilator, but at the owner’s risk.

10. Mobile telephones should not be carried into the examination hall as candidates are prohibited from making telephone calls, receiving calls, sending or receiving messages, using the mobile phone facilities as calculators, or a time watch while the examinations are in progress.

11. A candidate is not permitted to remove his/her examination answer book from the examination hall.

12. A candidate should not engage in any other unprofessional conduct designed to assist him/her in the examination attempt.

13. During the period of each examination paper, candidates will be required to sign against their index number on an Attendance Sheet.

14. It is the responsibility of each candidate to maintain examination atmosphere in the examination hall and to ensure that he/she will not partake in any conversation or behaviour that could distract the attention of any other candidates.

15. Each candidate is required to write his/her Index Number on the examination cover only. Names, initials or any other mark that could distinguish one candidate from another should not be written on the examination cover or script papers.

16. Candidates are required to observe any general instructions that may be given by the Chief/Principal Invigilator and to read carefully instructions that appear on top of examination question paper, such as those indicating the number of questions to be attempted. Pay particular attention to the instructions given on the cover of the answer book.

17. Candidates are not permitted to smoke, drink or eat in the Examination Hall.

18. Candidates will be warned thirty minutes prior to the time the examination ceases. When the Chief/Principal Invigilator has declared the examination over, candidates must immediately stop writing. This instruction applies not only to the answering of questions but to filling in numbers, punctuations and any other writing

19. Candidates must remain in their seats until the Invigilators have collected all answer books. Each candidate should make sure that he/she has handed over the answer book to the Invigilator.

20. The answers to the questions are to be written on the answer book provided for that purpose in accordance with the following instructions:

    1. The answer to each question must commence on a fresh page.
    2. The question number must be written at the top of each page in the space provided.
    3. Write on both sides of the answer paper.
    4. Answers are to be written in ink or ball-point pens; flow charts, graphs and diagrams may however be drawn in pencil.
    5. All workings must be done in the answer book.
    6. Do not remove/tear any sheet from the answer book. Cross through neatly any work not to be marked. Do not use correcting fluid.
    7. In case the main answer book has been fully utilized, you can request for a SUPPLEMENTARY ANSWER BOOK.
    8. Tick the questions that have been attempted accordingly.
    9. Fasten carefully any Supplementary answer book(s) to the main answer book and ensure that the graph sheets are neatly tied inside the answer book and thereafter complete the appropriate boxes.

21. Answers should be written concisely and in a plain and legible manner. Style in the manner of setting out answers will be taken into account in the marking of each question. Candidates are warned that any tendency towards illegibility will operate to their disadvantage.

22. The use of noiseless electronic calculators, slide rules and templates is permitted. Candidates must bring their own pens and are advised to bring rulers as well.

23. If owing to illness, a candidate is unable to present himself for the examination, he/she should inform the Executive Director of the Board before the examination commences. Part of the examination fee may be refunded or carried forward at the discretion of the Education and Publications Committee. There shall be no claim of refund of examination fee for a candidate who postpones an examination for any other reason than what the Board has specified above.

24. A candidate adjudged guilty of dishonesty in connection with the examination or infringing any of the examination rules and regulations is liable to disciplinary action, which may result to disqualification.

25. At the end of the examination, the answer books shall be collected, reconciled, packed and sealed in the presence of the Principal Invigilator, NBAA Examination Coordinator and one examination candidate.

26. Candidates will be informed of the results of their examination as soon as the Board is in a position to do so. results will be posted on the NBAA website and displayed at the NBAA Notice Board.

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