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When are SATs Results Released | SATs Results Release Date

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Year 6 and Year 2 children took their key stage 2 and key stage 1 national curriculum tests in May. SATs – or Standard Assessment Tests – have been controversial as some critics question whether they are worthwhile or even damaging to young children’s mental health.

Younger children take the KS1 test to help assess their maths and reading ability. These informal tests take place in the classroom. There’s an optional SPAG spelling, punctuation and grammar – assessment that can be done too. Next year, these tests will no longer be compulsory, allowing headteachers to choose whether they want to test seven-year-olds or not.

When are SATs Results Released | SATs Results Release Date

When are SATS results announced?

KS2 parents and guardians will receive their child’s results today (Tuesday, July 5). They will be given their child’s score and are told whether or not they are reaching the expected standards.

From 7.30am, schools will be able to view an overall results summary page showing their pupils’ scaled scores for all subjects and a more detailed results page for each subject showing their pupils’ raw scores, scaled scores and test outcomes. Schools will also be able to download their test results to pass on to parents.

Government guidelines suggest parents should also receive a school report before the end of term, which will include teacher’s comments as well as the test results. Parents with any queries should ask their child’s teacher for more information.

Do parents find out SATs results?

SATs – do parents get the results? For Key stage 1, you probably won’t get your child’s actual Sats score unless you ask for them, but you will be told whether your child is working at the expected standard as part of their end of year report.

What is the pass mark for SATs?

The Scaled Score varies between 80 (for a “raw score” of 3 marks) to 120 (for nearly all questions answered correctly). The pass mark is a scaled score of 100. Reaching this is called “Expected Standard achieved” (“AS”), as opposed to “Expected Standard Not Achieved” (“NS”)