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UMP Late Application 2023/2024 University of Mpumalanga Apply Online

UMP Late Application 2023/2024 University of Mpumalanga Apply Online . It’s the final day of admissions at the University of Mpumalanga (UMP), and you haven’t sent in your application yet. Don’t panic! You can still get in if you send in a late application. In this article, we go through what a University of Mpumalanga UMP late application 2023 is and why it’s beneficial for you, how to apply, and late application deadlines at the University of Mpumalanga (UMP). We are pleased to show you the steps on how to apply for the UMP late application for 2023. It also contains the University of Mpumalanga’s (UMP) late application requirements and eligibility.

UMP Late Application 2023/2024 University of Mpumalanga Apply Online

We also list some common reasons why students miss the deadline and how to avoid that happening to you. If you need help with your application or think that any of these situations apply to you, keep reading.

What is a University of Mpumalanga (UMP) late application for 2023?

A late application is an application for a course that has already started. If you have already been accepted to the university but you apply for a course that has already begun, that’s a late application.

Late applications are less competitive because the university has less time to find a suitable student to fill the spot. That’s why they often give preference to students who were unable to apply on time.

Why should you submit a late application?

There are many reasons why you should submit a late application. It may be that you’re applying to a course that has very limited places or has a large number of applicants. You may also be applying to an honors course that isn’t open to all students.

The university may have a strict policy regarding late applications. But, if they are willing to accept one, it’s usually because they are in need of more students.

Here are some of the more common reasons why students miss the deadline:

  • The deadline for applying to a program has already passed. If you get your application in late, you can still get in even if the program is full.
  • You have applied for the wrong course. Some courses have limited places and close quickly. You might have applied to the wrong course if you have applied to a different course.
  • You have missed the online application deadline. Some universities require that you apply online. If you miss the online application deadline, you can’t apply.
  • You have missed the paper application deadline. Some universities require a paper application. If you miss the paper application deadline, you can’t apply


The 2023 late applications will be available only for identified programs with available spaces for the following application categories:

  • Applicants who exhausted only 1 or 2 options out of the maximum of 3 choices for applications submitted during the normal application timelines
  • Applicants who did not apply during the normal application timelines (maximum of 3 choices)
  • No 4th choices following the Dean’s Discretionary process will be considered during this late application timeline
  • Students transferring from other universities
  • UMP students who have taken a gap in their studies
  • Phasing out programmes
  • Advanced Diploma Studies (Students who have completed a National Diploma/Diploma/Bachelors Degree or equivalent studies)
  • Postgraduate studies – M Tech/Master Course-based programmes
  • Postgraduate studies – Post Graduate Diploma programmes

Applications are welcome for the following applicants:

  • National applicants (with an SA ID), including Refugee/Asylum Seeker and/or Permanent Residency applicants with a National Senior Certificate (NSC) / SC (Senior Certificate) / NCV (National Vocal Certificate) / National Qualification.
  • National applicants (with an SA ID) with international qualifications who already have SAQA certificates.
  • Refugee/Asylum Seeker status applicants with international qualification who already have SAQA certificates.
  • Permanent residency applicants with SA ID with international qualification who already have SAQA certificates.
  • Regretfully no RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) applications will be considered.
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Kindly check below for the list of programs available:

  • Undergraduate Studies (Higher Certificate/Diploma/Bachelors/B Ed/Advanced Diploma studies)
  • Postgraduate Studies (Postgraduate Diploma/B Ed Honors/Masters/Doctoral studies)


Applications to study at the University of Mpumalanga (UMP) in 2023 are fully online, except for non-degree programs.

  • Step 1: Read through the admission requirements and selection criteria of the programme as outlined above
  • Step 2: If satisfied that you meet the general admission requirements and specific subject requirements, then complete the electronic application form.
  • Step 3: Prepare an electronic copy of your academic record as well as documents to upload.
  • Step 4: click here for more information on how to apply.

Once the application is submitted, you cannot amend the details of your application yourself. If you wish to change your choice of program or any other details, you will need to contact our Admissions Office.
Within 3 working days of submitting your application, you will be sent an email correspondence that includes the following:

  • acknowledges your application, and provides your applicant number, which you are to use in all future correspondence with the University;
  • Contains further instructions which you need to follow carefully.

UMP Late Application Fee

  • Application fee for late applications is  R150


Applications for 2023 admissions 

Opening Date: 
01 June 2022

Closing Dates: 

  • Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching: 30 September 2022
  • All other Undergraduate Programmes: 30 November 2022
  • Honours Programmes, Advanced Diplomas and Postgraduate Diplomas: 30 November 2022
  • Masters Programmes:  15 January 2023
  • Doctoral Programmes – 15 January 2023


NB: Before you start with your application, ensure that you have electronic copies to upload (the accepted document types/format are: pdf,doc,docx,tiff,PNG,jpg, jpeg): 

  • certified copies of your identity document, Senior Certificate/National Senior Certificate and all other relevant documents. 
  • proof of non-refundable application fee (RSA/SADC Applicants R150, other African Countries R350 and countries outside Africa R500)

Step 1: Click here to apply, accept the application rules and click “continue”

Step 2: Capture your biographical information and click “next” to proceed with your application;

Step 3: Capture results details then add subjects and click “next”;

Step 4: Capture educational institution detail and click “next”;

Step 5: Capture academic application details (choose 2 choices/programmes you wish to apply for), click on “add qualification” and thereafter click “next”;

Step 6: Verify/Check your application details then click “continue”;

Step 7: Create your 5 digit PIN (e.g 24689), click “I accept”(twice) checkbox thereafter click “Submit Application”;

Step 8: Upload your documents, select “yes” on the dropdown list if all your documents are ready to be uploaded and then click “next”;

Step 9: Click “Load/View Document” >> “Upload document” >> “Choose/Browse file” go to the folder where your documents are stored, choose the relevant document and click “save”;

Step 10: Once all documents have been uploaded click “complete upload”;

Step 11: Confirmation Page, end of application