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Skeem Saam Teasers July 2022; Khwezikazi Thirsts for Revenge, Pretty Goes Homeless for Lehasa

Skeem Saam Teasers July 2022; Khwezikazi Thirsts for Revenge, Pretty Goes Homeless for Lehasa, Skeem Saam July 2022 Teasers: Khwezikazi Thirsts for Revenge, Pretty Goes Homeless for Lehasa skeem saam teasers July 2022 teasers for Skeem Saam bring with them the aftermath of Lehasa and Pretty’s scandal. Khwezikazi will be sure not to take the betrayal lying down, but who will she focus on? Meanwhile, Leshole and Kgothatso have a new romance budding. Can it survive when they see each other’s true colours? Keep reading Skeem Saam’s July 2022 teasers to find out.


Khwezikazi is reeling after Lehasa stabbed her in the back with Pretty. Unfortunately, no one is going unpunished as Pretty quickly realises the cost of being with Lehasa. MaNthuli will have to face a journey of forgiveness, but is unsure about where to start

Skeem Saam Teasers July 2022; Khwezikazi Thirsts for Revenge, Pretty Goes Homeless for Lehasa

Skeem Saam Teasers July 2022; Khwezikazi Thirsts for Revenge, Pretty Goes Homeless for Lehasa

Pretty will continue to shock her family in July 2022 after having romantic adventures with a betrothed Lehasa, but will her decision prove worth it? MaNthuli has much to work through as she sees a counsellor, but she will have to handle the truth about herself. Khwezikazi gives Lehasa a choice, but will he heed her wishes or make his own plans?

1 July 2022, Friday: Episode 260 (Season 10 finale)

Pretty’s strong affection for Lehasa leaves her without a place to stay. Khwezikazi sets a target on her enemy.

4 July 2022, Monday: Episode 1 (Season 11 premiere)

The gossip about Lehasa Maphosa severely affects MaNtuli. Meikie offers to help out of the blue.

5 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 2

Khwezikazi is stumped when she learns that her ingenious arrangement failed. A youthful soldier’s return has him showered with congratulations.

6 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 3

Khwezikazi starts to think about an alternative strategy. Leshole can not handle it when his attractive date is a no-show.

7 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 4

Khwezikazi learns something that knocks her socks off. MaNtuli gets rid of all of Pretty’s possessions.

8 July 2022, Friday: Episode 5

Lehasa finally speaks up and demands to see the love of his life. Leshole and Kgothatso get past a slight miscommunication and discover a way to proceed to date.

11 July 2022, Monday: Episode 6

Khwezikazi decides to remove Pretty from her life permanently. MaNtuli’s dignity and pain will not let her forgive and forget.

12 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 7

Lehasa and Pretty have to handle a pregnancy bombshell. MaNtuli and Meikie’s relationship is confronted with some difficulties. Leshole is stunned when Kgothatso says a big word early into their relationship.


13 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 8

Petersen seals Khwezikazi’s fate with a pair of handcuffs. Clement and Koloi are stunned to see who the father of Kgothatso’s child is.

14 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 9

Phumeza finds out juicy information on Lehasa that will be an advantage. MaNtuli goes back to work, and it is nothing like she anticipated. Leshole comes to the wrong conclusion and makes an allegation against somebody he holds dear.

15 July 2022, Friday: Episode 10

Lehasa accepts that he has one deadly option when it comes to Khwezikazi. An uninvited visitor bullies MaNtuli. Leshole demonstrates the size of his wallet to Kgothatso after feeling threatened.

18 July 2022, Monday: Episode 11

Pretty makes a choice that leaves her family stunned. Kgothatso tries to get Leshole to control his reckless spending.

19 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 12

Petersen strikes fear in Lehasa. Leshole continues to compete with Kgothatso’s ex-boyfriend.

20 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 13

The Gaselas are set to find the truth and will have nothing stand in their way. Kgothatso asks to meet Leshole as his true self.

21 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 14

Much to their ignorance, Petersen is two steps ahead of Lehasa and Khwezikazi. Leshole wants to be a stepfather to Kgothatso’s child. Kwaito contacts Social Services for the sake of his mother.

22 July 2022, Friday: Episode 15

Petersen has Lehasa precisely where he needs him. A Turf High graduate gives students an address. MaNtuli is disappointed when she meets her counsellor.

25 July 2022, Monday: Episode 16

Khwezikazi gives Lehasa a difficult choice to make. Principal Thobakgale gets her feelings hurt when she is ignored by somebody she knows well. Mrs Kgomo finds a way to urge MaNtuli to open up.

26 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 17

Khwezikazi makes a bold decision to get back at Lehasa. MaNtuli is left feeling vulnerable during counselling.

27 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 18

A partner has exasperating information for Lehasa about Khwezikazi. A sad MaNtuli has no choice but to do the inside work and take responsibility for what she did.

28 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 19

Principal Thobakgale’s career is on the line and no one else can see it. MaNtuli’s inner voice has her feeling guilty.

29 July 2022, Friday: Episode 20

Alfred returns to Turf High able to see, much to Principal Thobakgale’s dismay. MaNtuli battles with the choice to make peace with Meikie. What will she decide?

What will happen to Skeem Saam cast members in July 2020?

Season 10 of Skeem Saam begins with a woman scorned, Khwezikhazi. Will she choose the path of revenge or show mercy to Lehasas and Pretty? MaNthuli must find the path to forgiveness, and she decides to explore different methods. Will she succeed? Be sure to catch Skeem Saam on SABC 1 at 6:30pm or watch online.



Khwezikazi must weather the storm of Leehasa’s betrayal and decide what to do with Pretty. Khwezikazi makes it clear that she has no intention of being kind when she begins plotting and scheming against Pretty. Lehasa will face a slightly different form of punishment from Khwezikazi, who gives him a choice. Lehasa’s answer will determine his future with either Pretty or Khwezikazi.


MaNtuli tries to readjust to a normal life but is met with Lehasa and Pretty’s scandal, which sends her mind into a tailspin. Although MaNtuli finds some comfort with Meikie, their relationship still feels shaky. MaNtuli shows a willingness to work on herself when she gets a counsellor, but the help is not from who she expected or wants. Will MaNtuli persevere and continue to work on herself, or will the counsellor’s identity get in her way?