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Norraco Transact | How to Login & Register

Norraco Transact | How to Login & Register, Norraco Corporation is a South African based Fintech specialize in providing cutting edge technology solutions in the payments and banking industry. The company was formed by a group of professionals having a vast experience in Information Technology and extensive exposure in Financial Services Sector.

How to Complete Your Norraco Transact Registration

Norraco Transact | How to Login & Register

Complete Your Registration

  • Go to the Norraco Transact portal:
  • Click “Register”
  • Capture ID Number
  • Select SMS or Email option, to get an OTP
  • Capture the OTP sent to your Cell Phone or email
  • Click “Update Documents”

Ensure all your KYC documents uploaded are image files like JPEG, PNG, GIF.
Please note PDF or Word Document formats are not accepted

  • Capture – a secret Password

Use a minimum of 8 characters, include a mix of upper, lowercase letters, a number and a special character like @#$

  • Log in – using your ID Number and Password

Register New Account | Login | Set Password


Please complete the form provided with your query and we will respond soonest.

Toll Free 0800 233 759
WhatsApp 072 557 3085