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National Benchmark Test – NBT Registration | How To Register for NBTs Test

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National Benchmark Test – NBT Registration | How To Register for NBTs Test

Registration Requirement for NBTs

Take note of the following:

The NBT Project does not determine which test you must write nor the deadline for submitting results. Most institutions in South Africa post their requirements on their website and in their prospectus.

  • Your official ID book (if you are not a citizen of South Africa, you will need your passport)
  • A unique email address
  • City and site where you want to write
  • NBT requirements from the institutions where you plan to apply
  • Date when you want to write (allow 4 weeks for the institution(s) to which you have applied to receive your results. You can access your results on our website after 5 weeks.)
  • Pen and paper to record your username and EasyPay number

How to Register for NBTs

To register for NBTs, follow the steps below.

The username and EasyPay number assigned to you during registration are used to;

  • Complete the registration process if you did not finish
  • Correct personal information
  • Request change to test date or site
  • Verify payment so that your results may be released

Registration is date- and venue-specific. If you miss your scheduled test, you must re-register and pay again. You will be able to access your results only if you have paid for any tests for which you were registered.


Due to the inconsistencies when navigating with Google Chrome, it’s advisable to use Internet Explorer or Firefox to navigate this website.

You can only choose one language; there is no option to write one test in English and the other in Afrikaans.

Learners intending to apply to universities must act responsibly. You must register, pay, and show up on time!

Two days before the test for which you have registered, you will receive an SMS and an email confirming your test venue.

How to Register to NBT as A Remote Writer

A remote writer/student is someone who is unable to write at an institution that generally facilitates the national benchmark test sessions.

Usually, it is a writer who is in another country or in an area too remote to be able to make a trip of a reasonable distance to the nearest testing centre.


A test proctor, which is the test invigilator, needs to be appointed. This should be a person with credibility and not a friend or relative of the writer.

The responsibilities of the test proctor/invigilator are to:

  • Serve as a receiver for mailed tests and not receive the tests directly from the writer/student;
  • Maintain test security and confidentiality, and invigilate the test in a quiet environment;
  • Ensure that the writer does not use any texts, notes or outside help;
  • Personally mail the original written script(s) to the NBT Project
  • Not photocopy or reproduce the tests or the student’s answers


Send an email to the NBT mailbox ( stating your request.

A response email will be sent within 2 days with the following:

  • A cover letter
  • A concession form requiring the applicant, proctor and test site details.
  • A “Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreement” is to be completed by the Proctor.
  • An “Invigilator Responsibilities and Agreement form” is to be completed by the Proctor.


On application approval, confirmation letters will be sent to the applicant and the Proctor. The applicant confirmation letter has the payment details and collection/delivery address for the couriers. This form needs to be completed and returned with the proof of payment to the NBT contact person.


The Proctor confirmation form should be completed and returned to the NBT contact person.


On receipt of proof of payment, the applicant will receive his/her NBT reference number.


  • The Writer/ Student is responsible for all payments such as proctor/invigilator, courier, venue, and test.
  • Test material will only be released to couriers once all payments have been made.
  • Courier companies need the Proctor’s name and address when collecting test material at the NBT office.
  • The NBT reference number is required for application to most Universities/Tertiary institutions.
  • It is the writer’s responsibility to stay in touch with the proctor/invigilator.

National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) Dates Schedule

It is advised to write the NBTs when you are ready. However, you must also meet the closing dates and deadlines for the institutions where you are applying. Remember also that you must allow time for your NBTs to be processed, scored and the results sent to institutions.

Different institutional and faculty requirements determine the deadlines for learners to submit NBT results, which may be as early as June or July.

How to Get NBTs Results

Results are uploaded to the writers’ NBT account approximately four weeks after the writing session, by 12 noon on the date listed on the NBT Test Schedule.

To log in, your ID/Passport number, username, and the password created when you registered will be required.

Have you forgotten your password?

Performance on the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) places your scores into one of three performance levels or benchmark categories. These are; ProficientIntermediate, or Basic.

How Long Are My Results Valid?

NBT results are valid for three years. However, Applicants should enquire with the tertiary institutions/universities to which they have applied regarding their unique admission requirements.

National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) Contact Details

Meet the dedicated Help Desk? 

Call them for assistance between 8 am and 4 pm during the week 0216503523

Visit The Official Website Of NBT For More Details