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NBT Online Test Rules and Requirements

NBT Online Test Rules and Requirements, If you are a matriculant who recently applied to study at one of South Africa’s public universities, then there is a chance that you will be required to sit for and write the National Benchmark Test. If you are curious as to how it works, read more to find out. NBT online test requirements, NBT simulation process, can you write NBT without paying, NBT test past papers and memos, NBT requirements, which universities require NBT, how to write NBT online, NBT simulation login

NBT Online Test Rules and Requirements

Writers are reminded that the test is undertaken in a secure proctored online environment. You will be monitored throughout the test to ensure that you follow all testing procedures. Your entire test session will be recorded. Please ensure that you comply with all test rules and requirements to avoid the invalidation of your test.

NBT Online Test Rules and Requirements PDF Download 

Can I write NBT using my phone?

Phones, iPads and Tablets are not supported:
You must have administrator rights on the computer as you are required to download the Lockdown Browser software onto the computer and may be prompted for the admin password. A microphone is not compulsory as the test platform has a built-in communication or “chat” function.

How do I write the NBT test?

You NEED the following to register:
City and site where you want to write. NBT requirements from the institutions where you plan to apply. Date when you want to write (allow 4 weeks to receive results) Pen and paper to record your username and EasyPay number

What is the pass mark for NBT?

There is no pass mark for the NBTs. Your scores tell universities how ready you are for university education and each university uses your NBT scores differently

How The NBT Online Test Works

The National Benchmark Test (NBT) is intended to gauge a prospective first-year student’s level of academic preparedness to study at University. Here’s how it works.

The NBT consists of two tests, the first one is the Academic Literacy and Quantitative Literacy domains (AQL), which tests a student’s levels of academic literacy and quantitative literacy competence.

It is combined into one multiple-choice test with each section timed for a total of three hours of writing time. The AQL test is written by applicants of all programmes.

The second test is Mathematics (MAT), which tests the student’s level of competence in mathematics. This test is written by those who have applied to study courses that require a pass in Mathematics. It is also a multiple-choice test that is timed to be written in three hours.

While the National Benchmark test is an initiative of the Department of Higher Education, it is run by CHED’s Centre for Educational Testing for Access and Placement (CETAP).

UCT is among other leading South African universities that use this test to supplement the information from an applicant’s performance on the National Senior Certificate.

The NBT does not supply any previous tests for preparation as it is deemed to be confidential and is not made available to anyone.

The NBT was established in 2006 to assist universities in interpreting applicants’ school-leaving results, determining the level of support first-year students may require, and addressing any adjustments to entry-level courses that may be required.