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NBAA Examination Structure

NBAA Examination Structure. The NBAA examination system is different for each level, there are a total of five levels to complete and become a Certified Public Accountant – CPA (T) each level has its own criteria to take the relevant level exam must meet the criteria of the relevant level. you can read here the same parameters for each level, in this article I have brought you the NBAA examination structure, let’s go together

NBAA Examination Structure

Accounting Technician Examination Scheme

The examination structure for the Accounting Technician examination scheme has two levels, ATEC I and ATEC II. ATEC I and ATEC II have four subjects each.

The subjects examined in the Accounting Technician examinations are as follows:

Exam Code No. Subject Name
T01 Book Keeping and Accounts
T02 Elements of Business Mathematics & Statistics
T03 Introduction to Information and Communication Technology
T04 Business Communication Skills
Exam Code No. Subject Name
T05 Principles of Accounting & Auditing
T06 Principles of Cost Accounting and Procurement
T07 Elements of Commercial Knowledge and Taxation
T08 Accounting for Public Sector and Cooperatives

On successful completion of the Accounting Technician Level II, a candidate qualifies for the award of a Certificate of Completion of the Accounting Technician Examinations and will be eligible for registration as an Accounting Technician.

Professional Examination Scheme

The Examination Structure for the Professional examination scheme has three levels: foundation level, intermediate level and final level.

Foundation Level – (Knowledge and Skills)
Exam Code No. Subject Name
A1 Quantitative Techniques
A2 Business and Management
A3 Accounting
A4 Business Information
A5 Business Law
Intermediate Level – (Skills and Analysis)
Exam Code No. Subject Name
B1 Financial Management
B2 Financial Accounting
B3 Auditing Principles and Practice
B4 Public Finance and Taxation I
B5 Performance Management
B6 Management, Governance and Ethics
Final Level – (Analysis, Application and Evaluation)
Exam Code No. Subject Name
C1 Corporate Reporting
C2 Audit and Assurance Services
C3 Business and Corporate Finance
C4 Public Finance and Taxation II

On successful completion of the Final Level Examinations, a candidate shall be awarded a Certificate of Completion of the Certified Public Accountant – CPA (T) examinations and will be eligible for registration as a Graduate Accountant.