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NAPLAN Results 2022 Release Date

NAPLAN Results 2022 Release Date, naplan results 2022 release date, naplan 2022 dates, Naplan 2022 dates victoria, naplan 2022 results qld, naplan 2022 results nsw, naplan online, naplan download, NAPLAN and NAP sample assessment results are reported on scales which show how students have performed compared to established standards. Assessment scales also allow achievement to be mapped as a student progresses through schooling. See more on the scales and standards at How to interpret.

NAPLAN Results 2022 Release Date

Results of the tests for the National Assessment Program are reported in a number of ways, including national reports, individual student reports, and school-level reporting on the My Schoolwebsite.

NAP are not pass/fail tests.

NAPLAN results

NAPLAN test results provide information on how students are performing in literacy and numeracy and support improvements in teaching and learning. The data from NAPLAN test results gives schools and systems the ability to measure their students’ achievements against national minimum standards and student performance in other states and territories.

Preliminary results for schools and students who completed NAPLAN online are provided in the student and school summary report (SSSR). View: How to interpret the SSSR (PDF 5 MB).

Reports on individual student performance are provided to all students and parents/carers by state and territory test administration authorities.

ACARA will publish full NAPLAN 2022 results in the final national report, which is expected to be published towards the end of the year. The interactive report will be updated with 2022 data when the final national report is released.

NAP sample assessment results

After the NAP sample assessments have taken place, a public report is released providing a national overview of student performance against the relevant standards. The report provides an analysis of various findings across states and territories and student sub-groups, for example: the relative achievements of boys/girls; metropolitan students/rural students and Indigenous/non-Indigenous students.

A technical report is also released, which provides detailed information about the statistical and measurement methods and procedures used. This enables valid interpretations and transparent evaluations of the reported outcomes.

Individual student reports are not provided for NAP sample assessments. Participating schools receive a basic report about the performance of their students.

NAPLAN Key dates

Assessment type



NAPLAN practice tests 2023 Schools can complete practice tests in the assessment platform from the beginning of Term 1. For more information, contact your school or your Test administration authority.

The Public demonstration site provides sample tests for student familiarisation year-round.


From 2023, NAPLAN is moving to March. See What’s changed (PDF 101 KB) or read more about NAP improvements.

2022 10–20 May
2023 15–27 March

See NAPLAN test window infographic (PDF 645 KB)

See Test window

See Ramadan and NAPLAN

2024 13–25 March
2025 12–24 March
2026 11–23 March
2027 10–22 March
NAP sample assessments – ICT literacy 2022 Field trial (WA, SA, Vic and NSW only): 6 June – 17 June
Main study: 10 October – 11 November
NAP–SL sample assessments 2023 NAP sample assessments will move from October to Term 2.
NAP sample opt-in assessments 2024 From 2024, schools will be able to opt in to additional assessments in the NAP sample domains for Years 6 and 10.

Item trial

Schools may also be selected to participate in NAPLAN item trial testing (July and August). The selected schools are required to participate in these activities. For more information, read the NAP small-scale tests (PDF 184 KB) fact sheet. For more information about these events, please contact your Test administration authority.

Test administration authorities contacts

Test administration authorities are responsible for the implementation and administration of the NAPLAN tests in their jurisdiction. Permission for variation of dates for testing, for use of scribes and other accessibility adjustments must be sought from the test administration authority in your state or territory and approval received by schools prior to the national test period.

State and territory test administration authorities

ACT Education Directorate 02 6205 9498
NSW Education Standards Authority 02 9367 8382
NT Department of Education 08 8944 9245
Qld Curriculum and Assessment Authority 1300 214 452
SA Department for Education 1800 316 777
Tas. Department of Education 03 6165 5914
Vic. Curriculum and Assessment Authority 1800 648 637
WA School Curriculum and Standards Authority 08 9442 9442

Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment 1300 566 046 Contact form

The contact details of the sector organisations for Catholic and independent schools and the Australian Government Department of Education and Training are also provided for those schools that wish to consult them regarding educational matters.

Ramadan and NAPLAN

NAPLAN testing dates are established in consultation with state, territory and federal authorities, are usually set for a number of years in advance, and accommodate different term dates in all states and territories.

The timing of Ramadan and Eid is determined by the lunar calendar (phases of the moon), and the dates for these events change year to year and may, at times, fall during NAPLAN.

Assistance and flexibility are available to support participation in these instances.

Year NAPLAN test window Ramadan starts* Eid al-Fitr starts*
2021 11–21 May 13 April 12–13 May
2022 10–20 May 3 April 3 May
2023 15–27 March 23 March 22 April
2024 13–25 March 11 March 10 April
2025 12–24 March 1 March 31 March
2026 11–23 March 18 February 20 March
2027 10–22 March 8 February 10 March