Mostly used Accounting Programs by various companies

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Accounting Packages are financial or commercial programs used in various offices of large and small governmental and private companies as well as medium-sized SMEs, and small and medium-sized businesses.


Accounting package involves the various programs that are within the package. Some of these programs are; –

  • Quick books system.
  • Tally Erp 9.
  • E – Filling system (PAYE, SDL & ROI).
  • Advanced Excel.

These programs are used in various departments for Performing tasks on behalf of finance officer, Accountant, Cooperate officer, manufacturing, human resources, procurement and logistics, marketing and sales, packaging, store keeping and All Business duties

These Programs are also applicable to all Public offices as well as private offices. (Business Sector, Public sector), NGO’s, and for Entrepreneurs.

Students in colleges and schools 95% learn more Theory that you are taught in classrooms, it is good to learn or get trained in these Programs while you are still in Colleges and schools so that you begin to know and understand them even though you are still in college and school. Job market competition.

The job market requires that when you graduate a student you should have a better understanding of some of the programs that are in the competitive market so that they do not have difficulty in coaching them when you enter your jobs in offices. This is because Offices need staff and not students as well and if you are already employed it will help you to do the work of the people in the office efficiently and in compliance with INTERNATIONAL standards.

Because the job market and self-employment, it requires talented young people who can work using the various pre-employment training that accompanies graduation.


All students pursuing Business degrees, diploma and certificate level, BUSINESS INFORMATION / TRANSACTION.

You need learn these programs for the following reasons: Business management system or ACCOUNTING PACKAGES are part of your skills and they expand your mind, give you an understanding of many things that are practical and you become proficient (professional in financial accounting in Offices, projects and businesses.


You become a professional in the course you studied in college.

For students who are studying Business when you go to field / graduate college or school will give you a great credit for doing good work in the offices while you are waiting for your government job or your private work because you are not a guest of the Computer system with ACCOUNTING PACKAGES SYSTEM.

As a Graduate, it will increase your qualifications for a job interview with government agencies and companies, various institutions you will apply for, a course is one of the required qualifications (At least all Accountant / cashier / finance officer / cooperate finance / human resources / manufacturing / business administrations, you need to have knowledge and efficiency of BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM / ACCOUNTING PACKAGES SYSTEM).

It also adds value to your CV in terms of training and work (Training and Workshop).

Also another benefit if you already have your business you will be able to manage it very well in being able to manage your income, expenses, stock as well as track the revenue of each stock and you can also see daily sales through Systems.

Other benefits when you have your big projects you will be able to manage your calculations more professionally (Systematically and Professionally using these ACCOUNTING SYSTEM).


Also For Employees Especially Accountant These Accounting packages, They will reduce the cost of paying / paying External Examiners for your accounts (External Auditors) meaning all the work of the auditor will be done by you.


This is one of the questions you will be asking yourself after seeing the importance of reading this course which involves various programs used in offices.

This course is offered at some colleges in Tanzania and abroad, as well as some of the companies that specialize in teaching this course have a tendency to go through various colleges and train students who are ready to study those programs.


This is also a question you will be able to ask yourself by comparing the importance of knowing those programs with how they are taught. Accounting packages are offered at a much cheaper price for students than employed people. So it is best to study while you are still in college to avoid the cost of studying after graduation.


The main qualification you need to have in order to read these programs is to have a basic knowledge of the account that you received in college or school. It also does not mean that if you do not have accounting knowledge you are not eligible to study, if you are going to study this course you must be taught the principles of accounting which will help you better understand how to use those programs.

So anyone can read those programs without any hindrance. Basically having your own computer that you will be repeating what you will learn so that you can grasp and understand better.


1. Accounting Systems Used to Manage and Control Stock / inventory Business Entity. Especially in;

  • Hardware shop
  • Retails Shop
  • Online Business like Betting branch
  • Super Market
  • Goodwill Shop
  • Automotive Sales Or Repair shop
  • Hair Salon, Beauty Salon Or Barbershop
  • Lodging (Hotel, Motel)
  • Medical, Dental and health services.
  • Restaurant, Caterer Or Bar.
  • Manufacturing industry

2. Also Accounting System Used in Non – Profits Organizations.

  • Church Or Religion Organizations
  • Foundation’s that Receive Fund From Donors

3. Also this Accounting System Used For Profit Organizations like.

  • Petroleum companies (For Controlling Sales, Inventory and Car Tracking Expenses)
  • Pre and Primary School for Controlling Tuition fee from Pupils.
  • Secondary School for controlling income from students.
  • College and University for Controlling Tuition FEE.
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping dept for Supporting IAS.
  • Advertising or Public Relations,
  • Agriculture, Ranching Or Farming.
  • Art, Writing and photography.
  • Construction and General Contractor.
  • Construction Trades (Plumber,
  • Electrician, HVAC, Design, Architecture or Engineering
  • Insurance Agency Or Brokers.
  • Lawn Care Or Landscaping
  • Legal Services
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Brokerage and Developer Rental.
  • Transportation, Trucking Or Delivery.
  • General Products / Services based business

For all students from Bachelor degree in Accounting, Bachelor degree of banking and finance, Bachelor degree in Accounting and Information technology, Bachelor degree in Taxation, Business Administration, PROCUREMENT and Human resources management are advised to get these accounting packages for their future carrier. Now days Technology Changes Every thing are being Conducted in a SYSTEM.

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