University of Stellenbosch Student Housing Application | How to Apply for Stellenbosch Hostel

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What is Stellenbosch Student Housing?

Staying in residence is an extension of your university education, and you can benefit from a range of facilities and services including PC labs, network connections, social and sporting activities.

With this as a point of departure, the University works according to specific placement categories, as determined in the residence placement policy and the management guidelines. Read more in the pamphlet on first year residence application and placement.

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Please take note of the following:

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– The University annually receives more than 8 000 applications for approximately 2000 available places for first years in residence. Place in residence is therefore limited and subject to a selection process. This is why we cannot guarantee that you will receive place in your residence or a place in a residence of choice
– We aim to promote diversity and to have an even spread of students from diverse backgrounds across all our residences. Therefore, we follow the guidelines in our residence placement policy and will unfortunately be unable to consider any transfers to other residences.

University of Stellenbosch Student Housing Application | How to Apply for Stellenbosch Hostel

Residence life is a special experience. Staying in a Stellenbosch residence is an extension of students’ university education, where they can benefit from all the facilities and services such as student learning centres, social and sporting activities, life-skills and peer-tutoring programmes.

Stellenbosch University can accommodate about 6 500 students in approximately 31 university residences and other university accommodation on the Stellenbosch Campus. The five residences on the Tygerberg Campus, where the Faculty of Health Sciences is situated, house a further 1 000 students. Most Maties studying on these two campuses (there are more than 30 000 students in total) make use of private accommodation in Stellenbosch and its environs.

Students who are placed in any one of these residences are under the supervision of a Residential Head. The Residential Head, in turn, is assisted by a house committee. In each residence, there are also mentors. Mentors are senior students who are appointed in residences and Private Student Organizations (students who live privately) to assist new students with their adjustment to university life. Each new student should have access to a mentor. The mentor already plays an important role during the welcoming period with general assistance regarding university life queries and psychosocial support. Through the mentor, the new students have the opportunity to partake in the Wellness programme of the University, which aims to enhance the wellness of students throughout the year.

Residence facilities

– Each room has a network point for connecting your own computer to the University’s network, electronic information resources, the Internet and web-based e-learning tools.
– Laundry facilities
– A common “living room” area for socialising, watching TV or just “hanging out”
– All the women’s residences, and some of the men’s, also have a communal and/or private lounge area where visitors can be received and entertained.
– Most of the residences boast lovely courtyards and/or gardens for play and relaxation.

He emstede
Huis ten Bosch
Huis Marais
Huis Visser
Huis Neethling (Maties Sport)
Huis MacDonald
Huis de Villiers
Russel Botman House
The Village
HuisFrancie van Zijl
Meerh off
Nkosi Johnson House
Ubuntu House

Stellenbosch Student Residence

Stellenbosch provides different types of accommodation for undergraduate and postgraduate students, on and off campus.

Usually, you will start out in a first-tier residence (full catering), move on to a second-tier residence (senior catering or self-catering) and later, stay in third-tier accommodation (semi-autonomous self-catering).

Each residence has its own history and traditions, but they all try to provide a great experience. Safety is of great importance to Stellenbosch, so all residences have strict access control and most are covered by closed-circuit television cameras.

Students with disabilities can be accommodated in different residences. Simply contact the Student Accommodation Office and the Disability Service, and they will address your particular needs.

How To Apply For Stellenbosch Student Housing?

Apply for student housing as part of your Stellenbosch application for admission. Housing eligibility criteria for first-time entering undergraduates: first-tier student accommodation There are limited places in residence and these are awarded to applicants on the basis of criteria described below.

Meeting some of these criteria will prioritise you an offer of accommodation, while others may only make you eligible for an offer. Further information about the criteria in each of these categories is provided below

Important Information

Stellenbosch Residence Application Portal

The University of Stellenbosch (Stellenbosch) Application forms for residences can be obtained at the admissions office or online by clicking on the following linked text below;

DISCLAIMER:The information is supplied by SU for general information purposes only.  SU will not be responsible for any error, omission or inaccuracy in advertising or promotional accommodation material. SU is not a party to any lease agreement entered into between a student(s) and landlord(s). SU will not become involved and does not accept liability for any issues arising out of the operation of the lease, payment of rent and/or disputes between the parties to the lease agreement and/or service delivery.

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