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FinChoice Personal Loan

FinChoice Personal Loan – Up to R40000 Same-day Online, You can start a business, go on a holiday, redecorate your home or do whatever you want with a personal loan from FinChoice.

They are a digital financial service provider that offers flexible online loans as well as funeral policies accessible from anywhere in South Africa while they have their head offices based in Cape Town.


FinChoice Personal Loan

FinChoice is becoming a popular choice for consumers seeking quick financial solutions as they are completely transparent and work hard to help their clients every step of the way.

Get the best offer with FinChoice

All loans are subject to a credit check and they will only be granted if you can afford them without adversely affecting your current financial status or credit record.

Once you have set up your unique login, you will be able to easily manage your account from your computer or even from your cell phone. This allows you to quickly and easily:

  • Check the balance on your account
  • Apply for additional bad credit loans
  • Apply to skip a payment if you are having a difficult month

Swift Personal loans for you

Apply today and find out if you qualify for a long or short-term loan. You could be able to borrow up to R40,000 and once approved the money will be paid directly into your bank account within 24 hours.

Assistance during tough times

FinChoice offers assistance even if you are unable to make a payment due to unforeseen circumstances. If this is the case, contact them and they will help you to make arrangements.

We have loan options to suit any financial needs

FinChoice offers a variety of financial products that are affordable and flexible.

The MobiMoney facility

You can borrow between R100 and R10,000. This type of loan can be repaid over 1,2 or 3 months and you will only need to pay for what you use. These loans are great for when you only need a little bit of money, are in a hurry, or need a bit of extra cash to make it to your next payday.

The Flexi Loan

The Flexi loan service allows you to borrow up to R8,000 and easily pay it back over 6 months. This service also has a built-in protection plan that will cover your outstanding loan if you become permanently disabled or in the event of your death.

These types of loans are perfect for when you need cash for unbudgeted expenses such as a car or home repairs or school fees. By giving you longer repayment terms, it takes a bit of pressure off of you as you do not need to pay back the full amount in one lump sum and can stagger the payments to suit your pocket.

Premier Personal loan

This loan is ideal for those more expensive expenses such as outstanding medical bills or the need to replace your car. With this service, you may borrow up to R40,000 and you can choose to repay the loan over a 12-, 24-, or 36-month period.

You can choose how long you need to pay back the loan and set up an undemanding payment plan that will be easy to stick to and manage.

FinChoice – Personal loan

  •  Loan TypePersonal loans
  •  Interest Ratefrom 24%
  •  Loan Amountup to R40,000
  •  Repayment6 months to 24 months
  • Decision2 minutes

Benefits of FinChoice

  • Affordable instalments
  • 24/7 access
  • Easy online application
  • Bad credit loans available
  •  Personal loans up to R40,000
  •  Low-interest starting from 24%
  •  Repayment up to 24 months