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Courses and Programmes Offered at Central University of Technology (CUT)

Courses and Programmes Offered at Central University of Technology (CUT). Central University of Technology – CUT List of Courses and Programmes Offered PDF Download, List of Courses and Programmes Offered Central University of Technology (CUT) PDF Download This Article Contain Short and Long Courses & Programmes Offered  Central University of Technology (CUT) in All level starting from Undergraduate Courses Offered, Postgraduate courses Offered, Masters Courses offered, Certificate Courses Offered , Diploma Courses offered, Bachelor Degree Courses offered And Distance Learning Courses offered.

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The CUT  Courses & Programmes is obtained from the official Central University of Technology (CUT) website as approved in therefore this post is Accurate.

Courses and Programmes Offered at Central University of Technology (CUT)

Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology
  • Civil Engineering Diploma
  • Civil Engineering Bachelor’s
  • Engineering: Civil National Diploma
  • Engineering: Civil Baccalaureus
  • Hydrology And Water Resources Management Bachelor’s
  • Logistics And Transportation Management Advanced Diploma
  • Electrical Diploma
  • Engineering: Electrical Baccalaureus
  • Extended Curriculum Programme In Engineering: Electrical (Heavy Current) National Diploma
  • Extended Curriculum Programme In Engineering: Electrical (Light Current) National Diploma
  • Renewable Energy Technologies Higher Certificate
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (Ccna) Short Course
  • Computer Networking Diploma
  • Information Technology Diploma
  • Information Technology Bachelor’s
  • Engineering Technology: Mechanical Diploma
  • Engineering Technology: Mechanical Bachelor’s
  • Engineering: Mechanical National Diploma
  • Engineering: Mechanical Baccalaureus
  • Built Environment Short Course
  • Construction Management Bachelor’s
  • Construction Management Baccalaureus
  • Higher Certificate: Construction Higher Certificate
  • Quantity Surveying Bachelor’s
  • Quantity Surveying Baccalaureus
Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences
  • Agricultural Extension Advanced Diploma
  • Agricultural Management National Diploma
  • Agricultural Management Baccalaureus
  • Radiography In Diagnostics Bachelor’s
  • Biomedical Technology Diploma
  • Biomedical Technology Baccalaureus
  • Clinical Technology Diploma
  • Clinical Technology Baccalaureus
  • Clinical Technology Bachelor’s
  • Health Management Advanced Diploma
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences Bachelor’s
  • Somatology Diploma
  • Somatology National Diploma
  • Somatology Baccalaureus
  • Dental Assisting Higher Certificate
  • Environmental Health National Diploma
  • Environmental Health Bachelor’s
  • Environmental Health Baccalaureus
Faculty of Humanities
  • Language Practice Advanced Diploma
  • Language Practice And Media Studies Diploma
  • Media Studies Advanced Diploma
  • Design Technology Advanced Diploma
  • Design And Studio Art Diploma
  • Design And Studio Art Short Course
  • Extended Programme In Art And Design Extended Programme (Bridge Programme)
  • Fine Art Baccalaureus
  • Graphic Design Baccalaureus
  • Studio Art Advanced Diploma
  • Economic And Management Sciences Baccalaureus
  • Language Education Baccalaureus
  • Computer Science Baccalaureus
  • Mathematics Baccalaureus
  • Natural Sciences Baccalaureus
  • Technology Baccalaureus
  • Educational Management Bachelor’s
Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Human Resources Management Diploma
  • Human Resources Management Baccalaureus
  • Human Resources Management Advanced Diploma
  • Marketing Baccalaureus
  • Marketing Diploma
  • Marketing Advanced Diploma
  • Management Sciences In Accountancy Bachelor’s
  • Management Sciences In Internal Auditing Bachelor’s
  • Applied Management Advanced Diploma
  • Business Administration Baccalaureus
  • Office Management And Technology Diploma
  • Office Management And Technology National Diploma
  • Project Management Baccalaureus
  • Higher Certificate: Community Development Work Higher Certificate
  • Public Management Diploma
  • Public Management Baccalaureus
  • Public Management Advanced Diploma
  • Hospitality Management Diploma
  • Hospitality Management Baccalaureus
  • Tourism Management Diploma
  • Tourism Management Baccalaureus
  • Tourism Management National Diploma

New Programmes introduced and Accredited:

  • Bachelor of Management Sciences in Accountancy

Judging from the above, it is evident that the Central University of Technology (CUT) has a wide range of educational opportunities to offer, which are organized into eleven faculties across all academic fields as listed below. From the Faculty of Health Sciences to the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, CUT is able to provide undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs for its students. With so much material at their disposal, CUT students have a vast array of choices before them. 

Kindly check below for the list of Faculties or departments in CUT that offer these courses stated earlier: 

  • Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Management Sciences

CUT Courses –

MozPortal has gathered the official list of courses offered at the Central University of Technology, CUT to enable prospective candidates to have knowledge of the various accredited courses available at this University.

At the Central University of Technology, they offer a wide range of courses for students to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your interests and goals. As stated earlier, the courses they offer are divided into different faculties, such as the once listed above. They also offer online courses if you are far away in the form of distance learning