7 College Skills you need to have

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7 College Skills you need to have

It does not matter if you are going for a certificate, diploma or bachelor degree. Here are some tips to help you get started:

College Skills you need to have

  1. Computer Skills.

We all know, technology is growing very fast. Technology touches almost every aspects of life.

Now then…The college is not subject to any basic computer skills… unless otherwise you are studying Information Technology or other related fields.


Regarding so… you will find yourself desperately looking for help with just the little things that you could do yourself, and with the utmost fluency. As a prospective student, do your best to learn these things;

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Computer Basics

Start to learn the above mentioned skills and eventually things will fall into place and you will be able to afford them by more than 70% which is actually not bad.

These are very important issues for your college life… Assignments (Individually or Group), and Modules Submission… are highly dependent on those Microsoft Suite Office.

Now if you do not have any understandings concern MS Office just be ready to be exploited by other collegers.

There is something you also need to know…Most Companies employ a graduate who have computer literacy especially in Microsoft suite.

I do not mean that the English language is a test of intelligence, of course! But we find ourselves helpless because it is Instructing / Teaching / Lecturing / Tutoring Language… except for a BA course. in / with Kiswahili… but see now, even the course itself has been given the English name.

  1. Google Skills

Internet is very important in college. I can confirm that everyone use internet at college. Conducting a research relies much on the use of internet. Internet act as the confirmation of data collected from field of research. Having said that, you can see how important internet is for university life and life in general.

Do you know why!?!

College training adheres to International standards, though presentation or teaching style varies, but you all look at the same main point.


Now you will find yourself desperately needing the Internet to browse various sites and increase your knowledge about something in your studies.

And right now, Google Skills are needed.

Get started now, learn how to search for any information using Google Search Engine.

This is similar as going to fishing. If you go clueless you will find yourself missing what you want, getting angry and finally getting the boat back to land. While there is a partner going back and forth with enough fish. You will say it is magic, no. It’s just a skill.

The same with using Google to search for knowledge. Take your time to learn how to find Google.

In addition…

  1. Learn to use YouTube.

Learn new things through video presentation for easier understandings. Too bad, very unfortunate many of you will just be going there to look at new songs. Okay it is your life, but you are losing.


Just use well this timo visit YouTube and learn a few things that will give you a little light on the scope you are going to study in college.

Until you get to college  you won’t have much trouble understanding the modules because you will have the skills to search YouTube and find the resources you want and at the same time you will have the ABC’s of your field.


Start building habits to know all the healthy tips about your body. Yes, your body. Because everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Eat well & healthy. Don’t just eat when you’re hungry. Eat healthy. Eat a complete diet. Your body is not built of bricks.
  2. Improve your appearance, external and internal. Yes, your physical appearance. Practice small exercises to keep fit. Do not sit idly by. Do Home Workouts. Thank me later.
  3. Personal Hygiene: Do whatever it takes to maintain your personal hygiene.
  4. Just know your health is a very important asset towards studying..
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